What is IR 4.0 in education?

Education 4.0 is characterized by responding to the needs of IR 4.0, with a man and machine alignment, harnessing the potential of digital technology, open educational resources, globally-connected education, and lifelong learning. Correspondingly, the educational paradigm needs to be revisited and reframed.

What is Industry 4.0 Impact on teaching and learning?

The educational industry is already being influenced by cognitive and cloud computing, IoT, and other trends imposed by IR4.0. These are only a few of the changes that this industrial revolution directly impacts: Students Have Technology-Driven Expectations.

What is the 4th industrial revolution in education?

Education 4.0 is the desired approach to learning that aligns itself with the emerging fourth industrial revolution. This industrial revolution focuses on smart technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics, all of which now impact our everyday lives.

What is Industry4WRD?

Industry4WRD is Malaysia's response to the call for the digital transformation of the manufacturing sector and its related services by facilitating companies to embrace Industry 4.0 systematically and comprehensively and be smarter and stronger driven by people, process and technology.