The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MITI) is formulating a National Policy or Framework on IR4.0. In collaboration with other relevant Ministries and Agencies such as Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), MITI and its agencies are undertaking various outreach programs to increase the public, industry, academia and training institute's awareness on IR4.0. Targeted incentives and funding are provided to promote the adoption of IR4.0 under the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) for Incentives and Funding.

Existing training programmes are not sufficiently geared towards Industry 4.0 and the current pool of trainers cannot keep up with the advancement of technology.
Educator @ VLE program is a program regarding Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This program is designed not only to develop content in a virtual environment but also to nurture, encourage re-skills, and upskill educators over a period of time.

This Educator@VLE program has four (4) primary objectives, namely:

  1. developing innovative digital educators;
  2. empowering educators' skills related to e-content development and competencies;
  3. increase the use of online digital tools by educators to produce future available graduates; and
  4. provide lifelong skills and knowledge to the educators.